Component level repair

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jan 24 20:29:44 CST 2007

> No, I mean SRAM (62xx type) for the external Couriers that used the
> 80188.  I recall sending back the EPROM (I figured that was important
> because it contained USR software) but got a letter demanding the
> SRAM back also.  My reaction was "Why?  You're not really going to
> put a pull in a new product are you?"  Very very strange.

I would bet it was for some sort of verification. USR was such a nice
guy company in the early years that a large number of people came up
with schemes to scam them. Many worked. USR started to get a little
over cautious, sometimes doing things that made no sense on the
surface, but some of the plans proved to be wise. Maybe this was one
of them.


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