Component level repair

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jan 24 20:43:21 CST 2007

> Just don't scrap the DZ11s, make them available to people who want to
> scrounge bus transceiver chips from them.
> Bus transceiver chips for Q-bus and Unibus are *not* common as dirt
> and more than a few of us have scratched our heads on how to create
> new compatible circuits.  Meanwhile, the scroungers taught me that
> it might be easier to scrounge the bus transceiver chips off of dead
> or readily available boards.

I am talking from a purely business perspective.

The hobby side of things works on a different set of rules. I have a
large bunch of boards with interesting or rare chips that I am saving
for parts scrounging, even with gold edge fingers and things removed.
Sometimes, I will even cut down a board so the interesting or rare
chips are left for removal when needed, but most of the rest has gone
to the shredder.


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