Component level repair

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jan 25 17:10:19 CST 2007

> that. However, someof the things I said still apply. For example, when
> a DZ11 goes bad, do you actually fix the board  (I assume, of course,
> that you use DZ11s)?. It does not really make sense to, from a
> business perspective, since good ones are common as dirt and quite
> available.

Well, think of this : 

1) 90-odd% of DZ11 failures are defective RS232 driver/receiver chips, 
probably damaged by spickes induced on the RS232 cabling

2) You can troubleshoot that fault in a few minutes _at most_ using a 
logic probe or mulitmeter

3) The chips are cheap and easily availble. They're pin-through-hole 
DIPs. Dike out the old one and solder in a new one.

4) I keep said chips in stock. If I happen to run out, I know a shop in 
London where I can buy some more. I don't know any DEC parts brokers 
where I could buy a DZ11 board as quickly.

Now what do you think I'm going to do?


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