Component level repair

John Foust jfoust at
Fri Jan 26 08:47:06 CST 2007

At 05:46 PM 1/25/2007, Richard wrote:
>I mean, its a foregone conclusion that you'd rather replace atoms
>representing skew crystal occlusions in a semiconductor if you could.

And I suppose you're one of those sorts who uses the cheap Xlete 
occlusion spanners, and not the HERFA-sanctioned Tremelo spanner 
with the proper extension arms to make a sufficient crimp and seal.
It looks just like a Telefunken U-47.  You'll love it!  

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them available anywhere except a shop 
in a neightborhood in Bumbleford that was destroyed during the War.  
Even then, they were expensive.  But if you want to do a proper job 
on an occlusion, you must use them.  I've seen too many undereducated 
numbskulls with the Xlete on their belts, leaving behind repaired 
occlusions that only last a fortnight.

- John

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