Paradise VGA longshot

Jim Leonard trixter at
Sat Jan 27 19:00:08 CST 2007

I know this is a longshot, but I'm looking for the settings of all five 
DIP switches on a Paradise VGA card from 1990.  It has two strings on 
the board, either of which could be the make/model:

PWBA 4316 0134-000

I'm assuming it's a paradise card, because the actual chip on it is from 
Western Digital Corp. (a WD90C11-LR) and Paradise used them nearly 

The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking for an 8-bit ISA VGA card, 
and while this card is 16-bit, some of them could be DIP-switched to run 
in an 8-bit slot.

There are five DIP switches on the backplate.  No, I am not going to 
plug it into my 5160 and power cycle it 32 times to go hunting for 
something that works :)
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