Help with classic Apple powerbook/OS

Tom Uban uban at
Sun Jan 28 08:40:42 CST 2007

I'm looking for a bit of help from someone knowledgeable on
MacOS 7 and/or 8.

I bought a Powerbook 150 years ago and my brother has been using
it for years in the studio to run the MIDI sequencer FreeStyle.

The PB 150 recently died and I bought a couple of Powerbook 540c
on eBay to replace it.

My current problem list:

1. My AppleCD 600e (which works fine on the PB 150) does
   not show up on either of the PB 540c, so I have no way
   to read CDs on the 540c machines.
2. FreeStyle uses FreeMidi to talk to a MIDI interface over
   the modem/printer port. This was a complete pain to setup
   on the PB 150 as there were bugs (possibly MacOS 7 related)
   which made the natural automated MIDI configuration fail
   to work and hang the computer.
   Setting up FreeMidi on the 540c running MacOS 7.5 has
   similar problems. Setting up FreeMidi on the 540c running
   MacOS 8 does not have these problems (which is why I
   think it is probably MacOS7 related). I am unable to make
   either 540c talk properly to the MIDI interface such that
   it sees the various MIDI keyboards, etc.
3. I thought that updating the version of FreeMidi from 1.3
   to the latest 1.48 would be a good idea. The image size
   is 4Mb, which does not fit onto a floppy. On my PC: I
   downloaded HS Split for my PC and Chunk Joiner for the
   Mac, split the FreeMidi 1.48 image into 4 chunks and
   wrote it to PC floppies along with the Chunk Joiner binary.
   After reading all of the files onto the MacOS7 540c, I
   tried to run the Chunk Joiner program, but the 540c doesn't
   think that the file is an executable. I have no idea how to
   change this on a Mac.
4. I know very few people who use Macs and of them, most
   have no clue about using older MacOS classic versions
   or how to do the stuff I'm trying to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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