Are there M4 9914 9-track tape driver users on the list?

Tim Riker Tim at
Wed Jan 31 00:49:34 CST 2007

Glen Slick wrote:
> Has anyone used a 9914 drive through the Pertec interface instead of
> the SCSI interface?  It appears you could do that by removing the SCSI
> interface board and the access covers over the Pertec connectors in
> the back of the drive.  I have a DQ142 (anyone have manuals for that?
> DU142 is on bitsavers, DQ142 is not) and wonder if that might be
> workable alternative to using the SQ703 with the 9914 if I can come up
> with some cables to hook the two together.

I've got a Cipher M990 Pertec drive I'll trade for one of your 9914 
drives. :) I'll include the 16 bit ISA ATC-16 Pertec controller card too.

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