OT: to Marvin only (was RE: speed of vintagecomputermarketplace)

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Wed Jan 31 12:24:52 CST 2007

At 12:01 -0600 1/31/07, cctalk-request at classiccmp.org wrote:
>First, the obvious - the speed that something sells is a function of 
>both price
>and demand AND visibility ...

:-) and other factors...

Marvin, I may have dropped into your SPAM-filtering apparatus at some 
point, or vice versa. Have you gotten more than one email from me in 
January? I'm hoping there were four.

If so, have you sent me more than one?

Others, my apologies for the intrusion.
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                        (I haven't cleared my neighborhood)
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