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Don North ak6dn at
Wed Jan 31 14:30:27 CST 2007

Richard wrote:
> In article <200701311853.l0VIrZBF026966 at>,
>     Brad Parker <brad at>  writes:
>> And, if I did have one, has anyone written an emulator for a VS60?
>> would it be hard?
> >From what I can tell it was driven by a serial port and in looking
> around I thought I saw docs describing the protocol, so if you can get
> something that generates the chatter you could stick something on the
> other end of that serial line and emulate the output.
> Most stuff from that era also talks Tektronix 4010 and everything
> emulates that, whether its physical terminals or terminal emulators.

As described in another thread by Al, the VS60 was a VT48 display subsystem
using a local 11/34 processor. The VT48 display was BIG (20" or so diameter)
and was a vector/stroke display processor with a light pen interface and
button box. Too many lines on your schematic and it would start to flicker.

As I used it for SUDS at DEC, we ran the VS60 back to a TOPS-10 system via
dedicated high speed serial lines (KMC11 IIRC). The VS60 (11/34 + VT48) ran
a custom program that implemented the SUDS display subsystem. SUDS actually
ran on the PDP-10 (a KL10 running TOPS-10 v7.xx); the VS60 was just a big
display terminal.

I don't know that I ever heard what the 'S' in 'S.Foonly' was supposed to
stand for ... maybe SUDS or Stanford, I guess.

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