Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 31 18:30:26 CST 2007

>  >    Umm, and how rare are VS60s these days?
> Essentially unobtainium. They were expensive and rare 25 years ago.
> You'd have better luck finding a VT11 or GT40. At least I KNOW people
> who have those. I've never known anyone in the 30+ years of dealing
> with DEC stuff who had a VS60.

I've seen on. Once. And no I didn't get it.

It was part of a thing called a 'Gamma-11' which was a controller for 
some kind of medical imaging system. The hardware was an 11/34 with a 
VS60, a couple of RL drives (I was asked to sort out the RL11, which I 
did), and some special interface boards. Curiously, the latter were Qbus, 
connected up via a DW110B. There was a BA11-K box with a 4-slot Unibus 
backplane and a 4 slot Qbus backplane it it, linked by the DW11-B.


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