Items available for trade

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Sun Jul 1 20:31:33 CDT 2007

Brad Parker wrote:
> Bob Rosenbloom wrote:
>> 5. DEC RA81 disc drive, with cables.
>> 6. DEC RL02 cartridge drive, this one may be for parts, it's missing the 
>> door latch parts,
>>    but otherwise looks complete.
>> 7. DEC PDP/11-44 computer. This has the following boards and came with 
>> the RA81 drive
Just curious, where are you located?
>> (I'm on the east coast)
>> -brad

I'm located in Santa Cruz, California. I'm willing to work with shipping 
if needed but the stuff is NOT light.
Some photos of the stuff can be found at:

Also, you can see the things I like to collect on the main site


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