Panasonic luggable

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Tue Jul 3 01:57:28 CDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 00:40 +0100, Tony Duell wrote:

> Actually, I've found pressing on the upper part of the door to be much 
> kinder to the pins than pulling the door open from the bottom edge (think 
> about what the applied force reacts against). The trick, of course, is 
> not to let the clamp arm slam open, but to guide the door open gently and 
> let the arm rise slowly

I'm surprised there's not some sort of damper to slow it down.
Something like the "soft eject" things on old cassette decks maybe,
where you've got a little rack on the curved "rail" on the door, a
little pinion and two plastic plates stuck together with grease.  Or
even a small dashpot like the thing on the throttle mechanism of
thirstymatic cars that stops the throttle slamming shut when you lift
off quickly.

I'm sure cost is a consideration, but for an expensive (for the time)
piece of equipment it would seem reasonable.


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