Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Jul 3 12:02:32 CDT 2007

Spent a fun morning messing around with a PERQ 1, which is the first time I've 
ever got the chance to actually sit in front of a working example...

A few questions:

   1) The hard disk (Shugart SA4008) drive belt seems to have a habit of 
running 1mm or so out of line at startup, resulting in it rubbing against the 
chassis beneath the spindle pulley. Once it picks up speed it sorts itself 
out, but I was wondering whether there's any adjustment in either the spindle 
pulley or drive motor in order to get it to run a little better?

   2) From PNX, Is there an official way of logging out a user on the console 
other than ^Z? (^D, logout, exit etc. don't work)

   3) Shutdown procedure - is 'bye' sufficient or do I need to be doing 
something else first? The manual's a little ambiguous on this (and 'bye' alone 
executes so unbelievably quickly that it made me worry it wasn't correctly 
flushing files, parking heads etc.)

(I seriously love that hard disk - it's got a wonderful backyard-engineering 
made-from-washing-machine-parts feel to it :-)



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