Boat-load Free in Chicago

Chris M chrism3667 at
Wed Jul 4 16:47:51 CDT 2007

--- Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:

> What part of:
> do people not understand?

 the idea was that if someone reasonably close was
willing to grab the stuff, and perchance didn't want
some of the items (as said they was obligated to take
it all), those that had interest in particular pieces
might score. Nobody said it was written in stone (that
they would get any of it), just that it wouldn't hurt
to express their interest...

 Are there any chicky-poos on this list. I had to go
back and change *he* to "they" for fear of offending
the weaker sex. Wouldn't want to do that. Seriously
there seems to be so few gals in this hobby
(understandably). I did catch one skirt bidding on an
Amiga (how fitting) 1000 on one of the auction sites a
while back.

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