A little levity: "computerized FRPG" - OT

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Wed Jul 4 18:33:04 CDT 2007

Chris M wrote:

>  I don't suppose you mean like a computer type punched
> card (?). I do recall their being a few (1?) play by
> mail rpg's back in the day. I know virtually nothing
> about them though. I never even could fathom the
> concept (got real time?). There was a yahoo group
> centered around a superhero type rpg IIRC. This was
> about a year ago.

That was about 1982 or so I was thinking of. I did not
play but you did send in your IBM cards in the mail if
I remember right from the person that did play.
RPG's are still best done by people
with lots of time and DM's who know how to think quickly
have reems of notes.
PC Look for traps ... % 03 snap ... We run umm west Look for ...
DM Roll Roll Roll % 100 ... Oh dam they found the back door out
... not the way in I planned.

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