Boat-load Free in Chicago

Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Jul 5 12:34:31 CDT 2007

> As to "Amiga (how fitting) 1000", I'm perplexed why
> a woman bidding on 
> that would be fitting?  I always though Amigas were
> cool and out ahead 
> but I have no desire for one, guess it's our history
> of things we worked 
> with that flavors what we collect or like to play
> with.  I do have a 
> collection of very sharp knives, humm, is that
> fitting?

 The only point there was that Amiga was the feminine
form of amigo IINM. I don't know Spanish. But Amigas
rock nonetheless. And I'm a dude..
 Depends what you like to do with the knives
> >In my company, people chose their own job titles. 
> When my VP (self
> >inflicted title) hired a woman to work in our
> Comdex booths, she gave
> >herself the job title of "bait"
> ;) Obviously has a finely tuned sense of humor. 
> Also a great message to 
> others.

 Would only (in 2007) people regarded such comments as
mine as humor. Yes just who would write things like
that? I think you'd have to go back to the 1940's to
hear any of that said in earnest ;). Sheesh it's ok
when a chicky-poo uses that kind humor though LOL

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love 
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list. 

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