Victor Sirius/9000 Monitor

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 6 17:10:34 CDT 2007

> I just collected a Victor machine which I believe to be the 9000 aka
> Sirius 1, although it does not have a model # anywhere I can find.

It certainly sounds like a Sirius...

> The fans and drive powers up, but the display does not.  It appears to
> get its power via the 9-pin signal cable.  Can anyone confirm that

Why do I bother? :-) I posted all the pinouts for this machine a couple of 
days ago, including the monitor connector. For refernce here's that one 

1 : Video Output
2 : Ground
3 : +12V supply to monitor
4 : Ground
5 : Brightness cotnrol to monitor (the brightness and contrast are   
    controlled by 3-bit 'DAC's driven from one of the 6522s)
6 : Chassis ground
7 : VSync
8 : Ground
9 : HSync

A separate note in my diagrams says : 'VSync 75Hz, HSync 16.1KHz'

Now, that 12V line comes from its own output in the PSU. It's regulated 
to 12V by the 7812 regulator A102 on the PSU PCB. It does however 
originate from the main chopper transformer, and since the other outputs 
seem to be present, the PSU must be running.

Of course a blank screen can be caused by many other faults other than a 
loss of power to the monitor.

I would start by  disconencting the monitor and measuring the voltage on 
pin 3 of the monitor connector. If it's missing, check that regulator, 
and then trace back into the PSU circuitry (or ask me for more help).

if it's there, then take the covers off the monitor. Plig the monitor 
into the machine and power up. See if the CRT heater is glowing. It runs 
off the 12V line via R901 (10 Ohm), which I don't think is likely to have 
failed. If the CRT heater is out, then either it has failed, or something 
in the monitor is crawign too much current and pulling the supply down. 
In my case there as a little interface PCB between the cable and the main 
PCB, the connections to the cable are : 

1 (Whate) +12V
2 Kyeway
3 (Black) ground
4 (Red) HSYnc
5 (Blue) VSync
6 ( Inner of screened cable) Video
7 (Screen) ground.

Check the 12V again with the monitor connected (e.g. at pin 1 of the 
cable connector inside the monitor). If it's low or missing, I'd suspect 
the horizotnal output transisotr (line output transistor over here), 
Q704. But if that's failed, something else might be the real cause.


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