Victor Sirius/9000 Monitor

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 6 17:30:45 CDT 2007

>  did you play with the brightness/contrast (if it has
> both - don't got a V9K nearby, only my Vicki), or if

Brightness and cotnrast are controlled by software (!), there are no user 
controls on the monitor. There are a couple of 3-bit resistor DACs 
controled by port B of the system VIA

> there is static on the crt's face when you power up?
> If there's no provision for an AC plug, then you have
> your answer as to where the power comes from. Didn't


> Tony Duell provide a pinout? You'll need to check if a
> DC voltage is coming off the proper pin (I'm guessing
> 24vdc, but I've seen others that are 12vdc). It could

It's 12V. It pweres the CRT heater (11.5V or so) from the 12V line through
a 10 Ohm resistor.

> be the video circuitry - do you have any other 5151
> type monitors lying around? You could jury rig an
> adapter, but you'd have to fiddle with the horizontal
> sync inside it, not a big deal, it ought to be

It's actually the VSync that's very different from the MDA monitor (see 
my other post for the scan rates).

> labeled, but make a mark with a sharpy so you can
> return it to the proper setting. Composite mono
> monitors won't work (and I'm assuming the V9K ttl
> signals).

The sync signals are TTL, the video isn't, it's analogue. A combination 
of the video signal, the intesify signal and the contrast DAC. 

>  My best guess is the monitor flaked out, or it's not
> getting power though. 

Indeed. I've got schematics in front of me, and have just noticed a fuse
(F901) in series with the 12V supply inside the monitor.  I didnt; spot it
for the earleir message. If that's open, the monoitor won't work, of
course, but if it has failed then almost certianly something has blown it. 

I just hope your flyback transformer is OK... 


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