TTL homebrew CPUs

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>Subject: Re: TTL homebrew CPUs
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>On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:51 PM, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> recycled industry application notes), that required some special  
>>> circuit
>>> only available at their or associated stores. Having seen the nth PIC
>>> application that basically blinks a LED - what my generation built  
>>> with
>>> 2 transistors, 2 capacitors, 4 resistors - is lame.
>> You're making me feel very old. When I was a kid, I used to make a  
>> neon
>> bulb blink using one resistor and one capacitor.
>   Relaxation oscillators are fun.  I like the UJT version as well,  
>though UJTs are getting harder to find than they once were.  I have  
>two or three 2N2646 UJTs left.

Yes but you can build your own UJT using a 2n3904 and 3906 plus two resistors.


>            -Dave
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