Need docs for Burroughs term (Jason T)

Rob robert at
Wed Jul 11 12:08:59 CDT 2007

On 11/07/07, Alan Perry <alanp at> wrote:
> >>Being Burroughs, it may be VERY WEIRD. Sort of somewhere between smart
> >> (IBM) and dumb (DEC). It will probably only want to talk to a
> >> Burroughs.
> >
> It was a block mode terminal where the mainframe application would send
> down the form (a mix of text and formatting codes) in one chunk and the
> terminal would display it, then the use would fill in the fields and send
> it back to the application in a block when the user hit the transmit key.
> The protocol used to communicate with the terminals was called Poll/Select.
> It was half duplex.  The terminal processor (can't remember what those were
> called in Burroughs-speak) would go through the terminals attached to it
> and query them to see if they had anything to send and, if a terminal did,
> it would.

Hmm.. I remember using something very similar on terminals connected
to Ferranti Mini's.  (It's probable that the terminals were somebody
else's re-badged.)   It felt very strange when I was used to a more
interactive terminal background, but would probably be familier to
people today used to entering web forms & hitting Submit...


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