TTL homebrew CPUs

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Jul 11 15:31:37 CDT 2007

> >  Or with a bit more effort you can utilize the same effect with a NIC

Negative Impedance Converter?

> Network Interface Card? I'd like to see that...

I would have thought most Network Interface Cards contained enough 
circuitry to flash an LED :-). The problem might be getting access to 
it,.as it's likely to be hidden inside large chips...

> >  or a gyrator.

A reciprocal impedance converter circuit. Basically, you connect an 
impedance to one side of a gyratorm, and the other side appears (to the 
rest of the circuit) to be 1/<that impedance>. It can make capacitors 
look like inductors and vice versa.

You can make one using an op-amp.


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