TTL homebrew CPUs

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jul 12 13:53:53 CDT 2007

> Why not use a couple of Eveready 415 45 volt batteries?  They're 
> still made, the last I checked.  Service life should be shelf life.

Ease of getting them. O can get 9V (PP3/006P/6F22/whatever they're called 
this week) batteries almost anywhere. I don't know a UK supplier for 
45V batteries (even the 22.5V ones [1] are getting hard to find). I 
don't fancy gettign a couple of batteries shipped acorss the Pond every 
time I need them

]1] Called 'Photoflash' or 'Hearing Aid' batteries in the old books. The 
fomrer because they were used to charage a capacitor of About 100uF to 
fire the old single-shot flash bulbs. The latter becuase they were used 
to provide the HT+ (B+) voltage for valved hearing aids.


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