Lilith computer running !

Jos Dreesen jos.mar at
Sun Jul 15 01:07:43 CDT 2007

My interest in the Lilith computer has been restarted after some recent 
post to a.f.c. ( what a mess a.f.c. is...)

I put in some extra effort  and was rewarded with a Lilith that booted 
up into its Medos OS ( version 5.2)
The last time this particular machine booted its OS was in 1990 .

Which means that there is at least one machine with a complete set of 
microcode and higher layers avaliable.

The machine remains VERY temperamental :
Most attempts to boot end in disk softread errors, resetting the Lilith 
involves power cycling ( I looked for signs of a startupcircuit, could 
not find any  )

Probably some diskplatter / head cleaning is due, not something I look 
forward too.

And then there is the task of rescuing the data :

with at single RS232 channel, no software and a flat directorystructure 
with over 500 entries, this looks also to be quite a task. That's right, 
the Lilith does not have a hierarchical filesystem !

It does have  ethernet, but it is the very old ( first ?) 3MB standard.
AFAIK it cannot be interfaced to something more recent.


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