What AMP connector is this?

Charles charlesmorris at hughes.net
Mon Jul 16 16:25:11 CDT 2007

As previously posted, I needed a power cable to connect my 11/23+
chassis to the power controller. The controller end was an AMP
Mate-n-Lok and so is the one on the switch board at the front of
the 11/23+. Thanks to Vince for the Mouser part numbers.

But the connector at the rear chassis is NOT the same. Here is a
picture of it (to the left; the Mate-N-Lok is on the right):

The (DEC) cable is marked "70-18384-03 Rev A" and that connector
"AMP-2" and "CPH-2".

I just made a longer cable with a Mate-N-Lok on both ends, and ran
it directly from the switch board to the power controller. Anyway
I'm still wondering which connector I could have used, or if this
is a previous-owner modification.


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