core-logic clock / was Re: TTL homebrew CPUs

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Mon Jul 16 23:59:30 CDT 2007

Rick Bensene wrote:
> flip-flops to retain the state for rewriting back into core.  It's very
> unlikely that the direct output of the core could drive nixie tubes.
> The core outputs are typically very low voltage, low current pulses that
> require either pulse transformers, along with further amplification to
> make into usable logic signals, or all-transistor sense amplifiers.   I
> suppose that some kind of core-based amplifier could be used, but it
> would be more like a transformer than a pure core, with a small primary
> winding, and a large number of secondary windings.

Chuck was alluding to finding <what-ever> appropriate cores so I was thinking
of it as being open-season on the design, not necessarily the "off-the-shelf"
cores that would be used 50 years ago. The thought was carrying over from the
discussion last week-or-two about core-logic and the clock drivers pumping
the energy into the system. I don't see any reason it couldn't be done, in
principle. The voltage may be an issue as you say, but if you're starting from
scratch you could wind cores with a special output winding or use step-up puls
transformers. Granted that by the time you sit down and do the design ther
might be push-back from some other part of the design that makes it not worthwhile.

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