Vol 47, Issue 28, message 10, Subject: LEO (1950)

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Tue Jul 17 04:29:07 CDT 2007

On 17/07/07, Mike Hatch <mike at brickfieldspark.org> wrote:
> There is an interesting website
> for LEO's at - http://www.leo-computers.org.uk/pageone.htm - including all
> the installations.

Hmm....  I'm surprised at how many there were!  I'd heard of the first
one of course.

I just started to write:

> I wonder if there is still any trace of LEO III/22 at the Renods Chains site in
> Burnage, Manchester.  It's been closed and deralict for 20 years... (So I guess
> that anything that would have been left would have been trashed by the local
> yobs by now...)

.. except i had a sudden thought, and checked, and in the couple of
years since I last drove past the site, a Tesco supermarket has
apparently sprung up...  Neither multimap.com or google earth
satellite photos have yet caught up...


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