crimp-on D-sub pin removal

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Jul 17 16:28:41 CDT 2007

Scott Quinn wrote:
> I am somewhat flummoxed- I have a 8-pin modular to DB-25 adaptor that I 
> need to move some pins on to make if functional with a 3B2 machine, but 
> looking at the unused connector positions I can't figure out what the 
> retention device is for the installed pins to remove them. It doesn't 
> look like a Molex-style clip coming from the pin (2 pins are uninserted) 
> and there doesn't seem to be any catches molded into the plastic.
> Any pointers on how to pull these pins with standard garage tools?

Can you re-phrase that? A jack and tire iron come to mind. :)

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