crimp-on D-sub pin removal

joe heck trash3 at
Tue Jul 17 17:31:43 CDT 2007

If the DB side of the adapter is like most that I've used, then if you 
are VERY careful, you can use a pair of real good needlenose pliers, 
squeeze just enough to make contact with the pin and push directly in. 
This routine is definitely not for the mechanically challenged or faint 
of heart.  It is very easy to slip sideways and severely bend the pin or 
squeeze too hard and crush the pin.  In my early years I had a less than 
wonderful result doing this, but I can do it pretty well now.

Nowadays I might consider making yet another adapter and rewire the 
modular side by using a cat5 patch cord and a dual modular jack, wiring 
the jack with the crosswires as necesary.  requires very little by the 
way of tools, and keeps everything else original.

Joe Heck

woodelf wrote:
> Scott Quinn wrote:
>> I am somewhat flummoxed- I have a 8-pin modular to DB-25 adaptor that 
>> I need to move some pins on to make if functional with a 3B2 machine, 
>> but looking at the unused connector positions I can't figure out what 
>> the retention device is for the installed pins to remove them. It 
>> doesn't look like a Molex-style clip coming from the pin (2 pins are 
>> uninserted) and there doesn't seem to be any catches molded into the 
>> plastic.
>> Any pointers on how to pull these pins with standard garage tools?
> Can you re-phrase that? A jack and tire iron come to mind. :)

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