NEC Spinwriter 5525 available

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Fri Jul 20 01:05:53 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 18 July 2007 21:30, B M wrote:
> [I hope this is on-topic; I believe the machine is at least 20 years old]
> I have a NEC Spinwriter 5525 printer that is available for the cost of
> shipping (free if you pick it up).  The printer is a wide carriage and
> appears to have a RS232 serial interface.  I do not know if the
> printer works or not.
> The machine is located in Langdon Alberta Canada (postal code is T0J
> 1X1) which is approximately 10 minutes east of Calgary.
> The machine is rather heavy.  I estimate 50 pounds or more. If there
> is no interest, the machine is headed to the e-waste recycling.
> I can send pictures upon request.
> Contact by e mail:
>     i a m v i rt ihatespam u al  @ @ @ g ma il . c om   <--  remove
> spaces and ihatespam
> Thanks!
> --barry

Funny you should mention that,  as I have one of those too,  though I'm not 
sure of the model number.  Also serial interface.  And there's a daisywheel 
printer with it,  as well.  I've not had anybody express *any* interest in 
either of these for some years now.  Both are probably going to be scrapped 
out,  at some point in time,  for whatever I can get out of them,  unless I 
hear of someone interested before that happens...

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