1966 Mag: Build NE-2 Neon Bulb Computer - scan available

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> >> <rant>
> >> I'll make this vintage computer-oriented.  How many people still own
> >> a working dishwasher/clothes washer with an integral computer that
> >> was manufactured over 10 years ago?  When I first saw a dishwasher
>Maytag washer dryer pair, still in use and working fine.
> >> with computerized control, my reaction was "What a damned fool thing
> >> to do--put a computer in the absolutely worst (hot water, caustics,
> >> steam) environment possible.  Now you can't buy them any other way.
>Automotive is considerably worse. Hot, humid, large temperature changes,
>power system that runs from 6V worst case to 18V with transients higher
>and it must work for 5years to be considered passably reliable.

I watched some show highlighting junk vehicles from 
cuba/venezuela/etc.  The narrator seemed amazed that they were on the road.

Most of them looked better than half of my cars and wouldn't turn a single 
head in the valley (Alaska).  ; )

As far as electronics go...my parents own a 4 plex.  There is a crawl space 
under some stairs that a lady used.  She moved out and didn't want any of 
the stuff.  The crawl space filled up with water and froze.  I literally 
thawed an Apple IIe, disk drive, and monitor out of a block of ice.  Once 
dry it worked fine.  It is still operating today.

A while back I hated newer cars because of all the controls and 
computers.  But after buying a service manual it isn't that bad.  If you 
want to know and fix everything, take a look at http://www.megasquirt.info/


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