1966 Mag: Build NE-2 Neon Bulb Computer - scan available

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 22 19:03:17 CDT 2007

davis wrote:
  > I just read an recent article in eetimes that the target life of new ICs
> is 10 years. This is due to metal migration and other (i can't remember 
> ) effects that sub-micron processes exhibit. 

Forget ten; apparently one well-known chip manufacturer quoted three years at 
us the other week for their latest generation of devices. I believe that's 
three years whether the thing's on or not too - natural decay of the IC, not 
something brought about by it being powered.

 > because everything built today will be land-fill in 10 years.

Wonderful, isn't it? And people wonder why I don't like modern technology...

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