Classic-to-USB interface

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Thu Jul 26 10:42:55 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 25 July 2007 22:41, Michael Lee wrote:
> The CD-ROM connector on sound cards etc you speak about was for
> particular CD-ROMs only.  It was not IDE.  A little search on the web
> found the pinouts for a Mitsumi one as an example.  There were
> standalone cards for CD-ROM drives as well as a lot of the early sound
> cards integrated some type of CD-ROM connector, eventually moving to an
> additional IDE.
> Rather than a thumbdrive or trying to figure out getting USB on an old
> computer, it's easier to use Compactflash cards and an IDE to CF adapter
> you can buy everywhere really cheap.  Great reuse for the smaller camera
> memory CF cards laying around everywhere too.  I've done this a bunch
> with older systems, actually last using it to backup data from an old
> 200Mb hard drive in an old 386.
> "From"
> I'm making the assumption that this is a Mitsumi Drive.  I have only
> three choices Mitsumi, Panasonic and Sony. Please note, this is NOT an
> IDE (ATA) interface.

I have some older sound cards around that feature these three connectors on 
them,  and in addition have one (perhaps more?) cards that have _just_ those 
interface connectors,  presumably on an ISA board,  though I'd have to dig 
them out of the box to be sure.  In case anybody can use such...

Also around here someplace I have a CDROM drive and interface card that uses 
the old "Philips" (?) interface,  that uses a 16-wire ribbon cable,  if 
there's anyone who might have a use for that.

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