Apple III Power Supply: Success (I think...)

Holger Veit holger.veit at
Sun Jul 29 02:57:43 CDT 2007

Josh Dersch said:
> So...  how do I tell whether the capacitors I've put in there are low or
> high ESR?  Are there particular markings I should be watching out for?
> I just bought these from the local electronics shop, I had no idea there
> was anything to look out for aside from voltage & capacitance.  Guess I
> shouldn't assume these things :).

Typically, you can't find this out from the stuff at a local shop, and in
some cases the sellers who occasionally even claim to have a BA in EE, do
not even know what ESR actually means :-(

Best choice is to pay the price for buying from larger distributors from a
catalogue, as they do specify what parameters the components have and
where they come from.


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