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Jason T silent700 at
Mon Jul 30 19:24:21 CDT 2007

On 7/30/07, Rick Bensene <rickb at> wrote:
> It's a Deitzgen ESR-1.    As your page says, it's an OEM version of the
> Casio fx-1.  Casio sold the machines to Deitzgen, who just put their own
> modem/name/seria number tags on them, and was responsible for marketing
> and maintaining the within their marketplace.  Sperry-Remington also
> OEM'd the Casio fx-1, and sold it under their brand name as the 1259S.
> Quite an interestng machine.  It is essentially a basic four function
> calculator with square root, that added ROM-based "programs" using the
> besic functions of the machine to carry out the scientific functions.
> Some of the functions are very slow as a resylt.  You can learn more by
> reading
> My exhibit on the Casio fx-1 at

Thanks for the info, Rick.  I had found your page via google once I
got a private reply telling me it looked like the FX-1.  I'm guessing
you saw the Flickr page after I updated it :)   I wasn't sure if it
was a true ESR-1, since the ESR pics I found showed it with a
different color face, but I figured that was just a cosmetic change.

Now to get that HP nixie voltmeter working...

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