USB for the PDP-8 !

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Jul 31 12:43:59 CDT 2007

Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel wrote:
> Just something i found while surfing :
>                     Jos Dreesen
So what have we got for a wish list for a pdp 8.
1) Dual core.
2) usb.
3) PDP 8 with negitive logic interface.
4) $.50 switches
5) Several in FPGA.
Sounds do-able if you don't forget to add the TSS/8 hardware.
The main problem with the PDP 8 in hardware - FPGA or otherwise
is all the little features or bugs you have to emulate.
A basic 4K machine is easy write the hardware design for
but the expanded version is not to be truly DEC compatable unless you
know the real machine. That is something I can't do.
Ben alias woodelf

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