WDXT-150 utilities?

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Fri Jun 1 10:15:10 CDT 2007

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>> But that's effective in performing a low-level
>> format, no? Of this I'm pretty sure. If it's an oldie
>> (apparently) then fine. But with *newer* drives, and I
>> don't know how new, you'll lose skew rates or whatever
>> if you perform a ll format. You won't damage the
>> drive, as is often said, but you'll lose some
>> efficiency I guess.
>    "Moroless". I remember some WD and Seagate controllers had more than 
> just a low level formatter. I'm quite sure (although I don't see that in 
> more than 10 years) that some seagate cards had a big menu with options 
> like changing interleave, finding best interleave, low level format, 
> surface test et al. Maybe I'm mistaken, who knows? :oP

   The owner's manual for the WDXT150 mentions "installing the software 
for the adapter", but nothing more specific than that.  Mostly I want to 
know "how do I specify CHS geometry?"

   Oh, and can I use a CF adapter....


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