New pcb design for S-100 prototype board available

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jun 3 19:11:47 CDT 2007

On 3 Jun 2007 at 18:51, Dave McGuire wrote:

>>    There's nothing "authentic" or even remotely elegant about 78xx 
> regulators in my opinion.  They're a current product, have been for  
> decades, and probably will be for another two decades.

"Authentic"--yes.  They were on almost all original S-100 boards.  
Which was my point.  There are lots of great regulators now--
particularly the buck/boost models, but they wouldn't be "authentic" 
to the S-100 era.

>    "Better" is subjective...Better for what application?  If you're  
> designing a small system for, say, industrial automation, do you  
> really want the expense and extreme complexity of something like PCI  
> or VME? 

At the time of the S-100 bus, there was already a better bus--
Multibus.  It outlived S-100 by a very long time.

If you want simple, try STD bus.  But then, even ISA/PC-104 will do 
just fine for S-100 speeds.


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