ebay "unpaid item strike" -- what's the consequence?

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Sun Jun 3 23:09:16 CDT 2007

If you are listed as the buyer, you should still be able to leave appropriate
feedback. Just be aware that the ebay system supports retalitory feedback by the
other party even though Ebay officially disallows it (they lie consistantly.)
Generally, you can avoid retalitory feedback by just not leaving feedback. The
other way is to "snipe" the feedback at the 60 day limit of when you can leave
feedback (or so I've been told.)

> From: Richard
> Well the seller is still being an asshole and refusing to answer a
> simple question about how the item would be shipped.  He says he's
> going to relist it and stop wasting his time with me because I'm
> "playing games".  Some people love to do things the hard way!  He's
> wasted much more time dicking around trying to make a dispute out of
> this instead of just answering the question I posed to him after the
> sale completed.

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