Vintage Mac II NuBus video card identification

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Tue Jun 5 18:01:00 CDT 2007


I recently came into possession of a vintage video card apparently for 
a NuBus Mac II. Can anyone help identify it? I do not have a Mac so I 
cannot plug it into anything.
It is a two card video board from Rasterops with an apparent NuBus 
connector. The boards both say "RASTEROPS CORP MADE IN U.S.A." 
The main board says "(C) 1987" and the daughterboard says "(C) 1988" 
The back of the main card says "P.C.B. 0001-0013 REV. XB1" 
The back of the daughter card says "P.C.B. 0001-0019 REV. 01" 
There are no visible FCC IDs anywhere on the card but may be buried 
under the circuitry. I have not disassembled the card. 

Here are some photos of the card.  Any information would be 
appreciated, even confirming what Mac II NuBus video card this model 
is NOT would be helpful.  Based on an earlier post on 
"" with responses and some clues, I suspect it to 
be a RasterOps 24L card cannot confirm it. 

Thanks in advance! 

Andrew Lynch

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