free for shipping: IMS 5000 IS system, from austin, tx, usa

Jim Battle frustum at
Wed Jun 6 11:53:08 CDT 2007

I have mentioned this system on this list a couple times before.  The 
IMS 5000 IS is a S-100 based multiprocessor system running turbodos 1.3 
(an extended multiprocessing CP/M clone).  It is a very well built 
machine, clearly intended for office use.

It has a single DSDD 96 tpi 5.25" floppy and a 10 MB hard disk (rodime 
ro 200).  It boots off the hard drive, and couple months ago I spent 
some time and cracked the login/password file.  The floppy disk appears 
to work (I can "dir" and get files off a floppy created on a PC using 
the teledisk program).

The system doesn't have much on it in the way of development software, 
just some custom apps written for the dentist's office this came out of. 
  As it is a CP/M system, though, you can use standard CP/M programs on it.

The master system has a 8085-based intelligent terminal card, plus a 
master Z80 CPU and two slave Z80 CPUs.  Each cpu has 64 KB of parity 
checked DRAM.

I tried plugging in the slave to the master but I suspect things are not 
cabled right, as the slave terminal acts as if it is wired in parallel 
to the master terminal.

I'd like to find a new home for this system.  I simply don't have enough 
time to mess with it, and I don't have enough interest to make the time.

Here are some a few cruddy pictures:

The only problem is that the local/remote key on the slave terminal 
keyboard is broken off (before I received it).  The key still works; you 
can depress the stub of the plunger that is left, but luckily it is a 
key that normally doesn't need to be used.

This system would be shipped from austin, tx 78737 at your expense.  I 
recommend fedex ground, as it seems to be the least expensive of the 
majors for heavy items like this.  It would be two boxes.  I haven't 
weighed them, but I would guess 50 lbs and 30 lbs.  They were shipped to 
me in their original boxes, and I'd ship them to you the same way.  This 
means that there is a custom foam shell for each unit, but it also means 
that the original boxes are somewhat tattered and one has been 
reinforced, so don't wail that I've ruined everything by harming the 
original boxes.

I'll give preference to anybody willing to come and pick them up, soon.

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