Boot CD

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at
Wed Jun 13 02:23:56 CDT 2007

Rod Smallwood wrote:
> Hi
>    Its down load image to a PC then burn CD ROM. Then boot CD on VAX.
> My CDROM burner may not know about ODS-2/-5 I'll check

If you have a binary image of an ODS-2 disk you can certainly
transfer it to a PC and burn it to a CD-R which you can then
use to boot a VAX. I've done that. The exact way you burn it will
depend on the burning software, but basically you choose the
mode that says "this is a physical image, trust me and burn it block
by block".

I've done this plenty of times in the past. It is even possible to
build a hybrid CD where there is an ODS-2 structure and an ISO9660
structure and they can even share data (files visible in both, but
only stored once on the CD).


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