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Geoff Reed geoffr at
Wed Jun 13 16:08:36 CDT 2007

Quoting "Andrew K. Bressen" <akb+lists.cctech at>:

> Rick Murphy <rick at> writes:
> > I wrote a VMS ACP for handling ISO disks many years ago that took
> > advantage of this. The intervening decade or so may have some of the
> > details wrong but most of what the software did was just reblocking
> to
> > cast the 2048 bit CD data into 512 bit blocks.
> Yeah, important point original poster may need to know:
> many VMS systems need cd-rom drives that can do 512 bit blocks.
> Many early SCSI cd-roms don't do 512 bit blocks, so try to make
> sure the one you're trying to use can do this. 

Some TEAC SCSI cd-rom drives, all Plextor SCSI cd-rom drives and some Toshiba
SCSI cd-rom drives (sun used Toshiba SCSI drives) can be jumpered for (or in the
case of the Toshiba) a trace or 2 cut at a location specifically for the purpose 

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