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> > Gordon (who overlooks a BAe Systems shipyard)
> At high tide the Pacific Ocean is about 40ft from where I'm typing this.

We're about miles inland, but the nerest port is a mile away..
(courtasy of the Manchester Ship Canal..)

As a rough idea on the sort of charges for shipping, this is a quote I
was given as a non-business customer  China->UK about 2 years ago.
Obviously prices will have changed but might give an  idea of what
sorts of things are charged:

LCL ex FOB Shenzhen quay to delivered Salford - non hazardous cargo

Seafreight		$45.00w/m or minimum 1000kgs or 1cbm whichever is the greatest
UK THC		GBP46.90w/2 or minimum
Documentation	GBP25.00
Port security	GBP3.00
UK customs		GBP35.00 up to 3 tariff headings
UK haulage		Up to 1000kgs	GBP84.00
per 1000kgs or part there of @ a conversion of 2.25m3 = 1000kgs
			1001-2000kgs	GBP78.00
			2001-3000kgs	GBP70.00
			3001-4000kgs	GBP65.00
			4001-5000KGS	GBP60.00

Weekly service - transit time 21 days quay to quay

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