Help on HP 82901 drive

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jun 15 17:45:09 CDT 2007

> >I have a long, poorly-copied equivalents list that covers most of them.
> >Other s I have found out by seeing chips marked with both numbers. HP
> >service manuals which include component-level info are another useful 
> >source.
> Ok, then I've a request for you... ;-))
> What about to scan the list and put it on a web site? It could be 

I guess you're new enough here not to have heards that I don't own a 
scanner, annyhting to connect it to, or the nexessary eqipemnet to 
maintain the scanenr and machine-to-connect-it-to.

> unbelievable usefull to who is trying to repair a hp unit.
> I didn't find these info anywhere on the internet.
> Is it too long to do?

It is quite long. Perhaps 10 sides of 3 columns, small typeface.
> >I would be suprised, alas, if it contains scheamtics :-(. Most later HP
> >computer product service manaulas are, alas, boardswapper guides.
> Yes, I know. I don't hope to find schematics, but the missing procedure to 
> check the read frequency oscillator is a good starting point, also to 
> recalibrate it.

True....It's quite likely I'll get round to producing schematics 
_sometime_, but I can't say when (or how long it will take). I guess you 
want to get it going soon.....


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