Help on HP 82901 drive

Roberto Bazzano rbazzano at
Tue Jun 19 02:58:43 CDT 2007

>I notice the drive schematic isn't included. No problem, they seem to be
>standard Tandon TM100-2 drives (IBM PC 360K drives :-)) with the PCB
>gold-plarted nnd with an HP part number. Electronically they seem 

Yes, they are two TM100-2.

>Does anyone have a pointer ot the TM100 service manual? I am not looking
>for schemaitcs, those I have many times over. I am looking for the
>alignment instrucitons, exploded diagrams, etc. Drive 1 in my 82901 needs
>a little repair, and I want to see what hte offiical procedure is before
>I ignore it :-)

I downloaded a few files in the past, but I don't remember where.
If you want, I can send them to you: they are 8 MB in total.

>Does your 82901 have the 36 pin microribbon socket on the back for extra
>drives? Mine doesn't.

No, mine hasn't it.


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