What are the really unusual or weird computers?

George Currie g at kurico.com
Sun Jun 24 21:49:50 CDT 2007

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>> I eventually figured out that to shut down a Windows box, you click 
>> on Start
>> (that was a very tough hurdle for me - you'd be surprised!)
>    The start key on your car is also used to shutdown ;o)

But not everyone calls it a "start key".  I think it's typically 
referred to as the ignition key.  Even cars with start buttons are 
turned off by "turning off the ignition" vs "pressing the start button 
while the car is running".

Have to admit though, there are a gazillion metaphors in gui's today 
that make no sense (like the vast majority of items in the "file" menu 
of many applications) that M$ is not directly responsible for.

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