What are the really unusual or weird computers?

Kevin Handy kth at srv.net
Mon Jun 25 11:40:38 CDT 2007

Andrew Burton wrote:
> dont forget you can also shutdown windows by pressing Control+Alt+Delete and selecting "shut down". Not sure how long that feature has been in windows, but its definately in Windows 2K. - Andrew B (via mobile phone)
> Alexandre Souza wrote: 
>>> I eventually figured out that to shut down a Windows box, you click on 
>>> Start
>>> (that was a very tough hurdle for me - you'd be surprised!)
>>     The start key on your car is also used to shutdown ;o) 
If I push the start button on floorboard of my car to shut it down (I
don't see any "Start key" anywhere), I'd expect a lot of ground gear
metal in return, plus the need to replace the starter.

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