Semi-OT: Interesting or unusual PC Compatibles?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Jun 27 11:26:03 CDT 2007

For "near-PC-compatibles", how about the Eagle 1600, Olympia People, 
Apricot--and did anyone mention the HP 110?

The Eagle is interesting in that it shares some peripherals with the 
earlier Eagle 8-bit CP/M systems.  There were later PC-compatible 
Eagles, like the "Eagle PC" and the "Espirit" luggable.  At one time, 
very popular systems.  

Most of the 8-bit Eagle systems shipped with Spellbinder word 
processing software; something that I thought would give WordStar a 
run for its money.  The machines were generally very easy to use 
(Want to add a hard disk? Just plug it in) and well-constructed with 
attractive price points.


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