Linux PCB CAD software?

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Fri Jun 29 12:03:45 CDT 2007

Before leaving the RX01 topic, note that Chuck's design was implemented 
using the Cadsoft Eagle years ago and is available at:

A minor update is at:

The idea of putting an SX-28 processor in control of the communications and 
using a native USB interface resulted in the (untested) derivative design 

and notes and general comments for these designs are at:

And I would seriously consider Diptrace ( if I had to look 
at CAD software today, especially compared to Eagle's interface.

Okay, I focus on Data General Novas, Eclipses and MVs, but I teethed on 
PDP-8s before 1969...    ;-)


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...preserving the Data General legacy:

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> On Jun 28, 2007, at 3:20 PM, Allison wrote:
>>>>    To bring this at least slightly on-topic, I am midway through
>>>> doing a board layout for Chuck Dickman's RX01/02<->parallel port
>>>> interface in gschem and PCB.
>> Where is this information on the net?
>   Chuck's project is detailed here:
>          -Dave
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