Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Fri Jun 29 12:18:13 CDT 2007

Al Kossow wrote:
>  > So, does anyone know what happened to that 90,000+ lines of (Pascal) 
> Source Code for LOS?
> Last time I saw it, it was on a Lisa in the source control library at Apple
>  > It would sure been neet to be able to look at it.
> I agree. The Computer History Museum is willing to archive it. All you 
> have to do is ask
> Steve to release it. I'm sure he has nothing better to do today.


Is it known whether it's "safe" - multiple copies on multiple media across 
more than one site etc.?

I can understand vendors not being ready / willing to release 'sensitive' 
things like this - and it's their call, after all - but given the historical 
importance then some reassurance would be nice that it's not about to vanish 
from the face of the earth (accidentally or otherwise). Maybe that's a 
question that the CHM, with their preservation hat on, can ask?

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